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THE BAND / a brief history

Rob Pretty - Vocals / Keys
Krystopher Blaney - Guitar / Keys
Brian Prieur - Drums
Denis Boyer - Guitar
Ryan Moore - Bass

With decades of performance, composition and touring experience between them, the members of Ottawa rock group Lions Leading Sheep have drawn from a vast well of musical inspiration - from rock, metal, folk, pop, stage musicals - to forge a sound that is uniquely their own. Work on their debut album began in Fall of 2017. The ten resulting songs, born of personal tragedy, were originally written as little more than a coping mechanism for grief. However, when longtime friends and former bandmates Krystopher Blaney (guitar / songwriter / producer) and Brian Prieur (drums) saw real potential in the album, they recruited friends Rob Pretty (vocals) and Denis Boyer (guitar) and Lions Leading Sheep was born.

In January 2018, the band released their debut single Almanac, which has been featured on top alternative rock radio stations, as well as college radio stations and various podcasts. In April 2017 the band shot a music video for the song Shapeshifter. The video, directed by Adam Kirkey of Slinger Pictures, was released in late Summer to rave feedback. In June of 2018, the band added Ryan Moore (bass) to complete their lineup and prepare to take their show on the road.


THE ALBUM / echoes and anchors

Echoes and Anchors (April 17/2018, independent) is the debut album from Ottawa, Ontario based rock group Lions Leading Sheep. Musically dynamic, lyrically raw, and creatively fresh - soaring choruses and blistering drums, intricate melodies and powerful vocals - the album is a vast and diverse sonic landscape. Says songwriter and guitarist Krystopher Blaney:

"It's an album about letting go, but also about holding on. About saying goodbye to the ones we've lost and saying "I love you" to the ones we're still lucky enough to have - our echoes and our anchors. In these songs there is sadness, joy, anger, love. Hope. There are heavy songs, soft songs, fast, slow. Human emotion isn't monochromatic, it's a beautiful spectrum, and I wanted to make something that reflects that sonically. I hope everyone can find something for themselves in there somewhere."

The album released on April 17th, 2018 and the band is now preparing to tour in support and promotion of the album through the end of the year and beyond.

Anyone [...] who is a fan of Muse, or Wide Mouth Mason, needs to hear this record!
— Noah Sabourin, Music director at live 88.5fm
‘Almanac’ by Lions Leading Sheep is slow-burning, intense post-hardcore. [...] the use of traditional pop synths, pianos and more operatic, hard rock-oriented vocals on here give this track real mainstream potential.
— "Rock the Pigeon" arts & culture blog
Les membres ce démarquent par le fait que dans une même pièce nous pouvons passer d’un univers très chaleureux, mélancolique et se retrouver quelques minutes plus tard à se faire grafigner le coeur par leur musique si intense.
— michca of


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